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This site is maintained by StatPac Inc. to host online surveys. There is no charge to use this server. Please read our terms of use.

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StatPac can provide online survey software and offer as much or as little help as you need to make your online survey a success. Do it yourself or hire us.


How to use this server for your online survey

Simple 1-2-3 Instructions


1. Download and install StatPac online survey software.

2. Design the codebook and online survey.
    Set the Primary Setting for the "URL to survey folder" either:

  (the www is required for SSL)

3, Upload the survey to the server.
    Download and analyze the data at any time.

More about the online survey process

For complete instructions on using the StatPac for Windows Web Survey module, please see the Tutorial and User's Guide.


The free version uses a folder called guest. The link to your survey will be:
  - or -

The guest folder is a public folder. This means that all StatPac users can upload and download from this folder. If you are using the guest folder, be sure to choose a unique name for your survey so it will not conflict with other users. In other words, please don't name your survey something like "test" or "survey".

Users of the registered version may create a private folder and will have FTP access to that folder in addition to AutoTransfer capabilities. The link to your survey will be:
  - or -

If you don't have time to do it yourself...

Try our survey design, hosting, and data analysis services

StatPac has been helping clients conduct surveys for over 25 years. We're well-known and established in the research community. StatPac Web survey software is the clear leader when it comes to getting the most out of your data. Our topline reports and crosstabs and banner tables are the best in the industry. You get reports that are clear, concise and comprehensive.

A successful Internet survey involves following a series of well defined steps. Our professionals can provide advice and help as needed.

We can help with:

    Online survey design & testing
    Sending e-mail invitations to potential respondents
    Tracking who responded and sending e-mail follow-ups to non-responders
    Data security and management
    Data analysis and reporting

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on how much of your research project you'd like us to handle. Most of our clients write their own research questions, and ask us to create the survey Web pages, host it on the Internet, and generate the topline (frequencies) and crosstab & banner tables. This is an extremely cost effective method and we embrace the process. The fact is, we'll never know your business as well as you, so you're in the best position to develop the research questions.

We provide a fixed estimate for each project which is based mostly on the number of items and complexity of the questionnaire (not the number of respondents). Data collection on the Internet is electronic, so there's no manual data entry involved and the number of respondents has little effect on our work.

A "ball-park" estimate for a typical 20-30 item questionnaire is about $1000. We would design the Web pages, host it on our server, collect the data, and provide topline and crosstabs and banner reports.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements



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